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    Founded in 1994, Liaoning Forever Enterprise Group Co., Ltd has become a renowned trademark especially in the fields of Intelligent Transportation and Intelligent Building. We have been well established through 10 year efforts in terms of scientific research, product development, system integration, engineering, technical consultation and
service for various business sectors comprising foreign trade, transportation, building materials, information technology, biological and environmental engineering, advertising, taxation consultation and service. Our firm has expanded into 12 branches as well as representative offices with business network covering 20 provinces and municipalities in China. Upholding the principles of giving our clients the first priority and serving the public with quality products and technology, our firm has established a highly professional workforce. To achieve the best in project implementation, our firm has adopted ISO- 9000 Standards since June 2002, and set up the goal accordingly for first class industrial performance. We have by far completed building an internal quality management network proven to be highly efficient for ensuring success of every project. Catering to the demands arising from China’s participation into WTO, our firm has completed designing a new competitive strategy for further development, by which we are determined to improve the management form operated as a bridge to extend our viewpoint internationally while endeavouring to build our firm into an intelligent, competitive and market- oriented modern enterprise with a bright perspective of sustainable development.
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