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Liaoning Forever Industrial Information Technology Co., Ltd

Liaoning Forever Industrial Information Technology Co., Ltd is among the subsidiary companies under Liaoning Forever Enterprise Group Co., Ltd a leading one recognized as a leader in China within the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITB) and Intelligent Building Systems (IBS). We provide clients with state-of-the-art ITS & ITS solutions designed to meet their needs and goals. With a staff of over 200, our firm has successfully attracted renowned experts in the field. Our team of specialists offers a superior combination of experience, understanding, and design applications to all aspects of ITS and ITS projects while adopting a "hands-on" approach, from the planning phase to research, design and implementation, utilizing the latest technology combined with proven applications. Our services include: City Road Supervision Systems, Global Information Systems, Global Positioning Systems, Advanced Traffic Information Systems, Traffic Command Center Systems, Expressway Toll Systems, Supervision and Communication Systems, Tax Management Geography Information Systems. Given that ITS and ITB are constantly evolving, our team designs systems that meet the needs of today as well as allowing for modification to take advantage of future technologies and expanding needs. Our firm has completed more than one hundred projects in more than twenty cities in China. Our clients come from the government, private enterprise, transportation, urban construction, education, tax, finance, and service sectors. To remain at the forefront of the field, our firm has long-standing relationships with closely cooperating with China’s top universities, including Qinghua University, Beijing University, and Northeast University, as well as other scientific research institutions. Our research and development successes have been recognized throughout the industry. For example, our Intelligent Transportation Data Collection and Processing System was named a “Torchlight Project” by the national Ministry of Science and Technology. Other projects have won special recognition from provincial and city levels. The firm has been named an “Intelligent Transportation Technology Incubaor” by the Shenyang Science and Technology Bureau. The firm also has qualified to receive certificates from relevant government authorities authorizing us to carry out projects in the field, including the national Ministry of Information’s grade C Information Systems Integration certificate, the national Ministry of Construction’s grade A IBS design certificate, the Liaoning province Public Security Bureau’s grade A Safety Engineering Projects certificate, and the national Ministry of Communications’ Electronic Road Management System certificate. Founded in 1994, the firm’s headquarters are located in Shenyang, capital of Liaoning province. The headquarters occupy a 50,000 square meter industrial park in the city’s Economic and Technology Development Zone. In addition, the company has recently opened offices in Beijing. In summary, our firm as at the forefront of China’s efforts to implement international technical, commercial, and management standards in ITS and IBS. We are known for our state-of-the-art system designs, traditional analysis and design procedures. Our diligent attention to detail leads to the development of cost-effective systems installed in a timely, responsive, and efficient manner. We look forward to providing this high level of professional service to new clients and strengthening our partnerships with existing clients.
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