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Urban Traffic Signal Control System
Intelligent Semaphore of Multi Time-units at Single Intersection It carrys out multi time-unit traffic control upon single intersection, through which a more precise coordination over traffic flow can be achieved within 16 time-units while the signal lights automatically turn into 4-direction yellow flash at shut-down hours. This leads to better night traffic on roads. Self-adaptive Signal Control Device 4 vehicle detectors are added to take analysi8s upon data collected with the most advanced algorithm today, so as to make timely coordination and con troll over green light time according to actual traffic flows. This ensures efficient utilization of the intersection. Systematic Traffic Signal Control Device This applys to analyse the overall traffic data of multi-intersections, which helps vehicles get access to green lights moving on main routes, and ensure them to make through within the shortest time on roads

System of Traffic Command and Administration Center
This system is designed to efficiently integrate each isolated subsystem of traffic signal control, TV supervision, information release, infringement and accident dealing, electronic police, 122/110 alert management, communicatory command and dispatch on the basis os computer network, which brings into effect that all information resources are connected and mutually shared within their authorities through internet, and traffic administrators may conduct punctual monitoring, command and control upon city traffic, while applying computer softwares to the realization of automatic control, emergency and prediction control. Traffic Command and AdministrationCenter, in conformity with the principles of System Engineering, takes into full consideration the needs of city development with reference to present road conditions. It puts emphasis upon strengthening traffic management, command and coordination by the police, through which traffic flows will be efficiently chnnelled while the automatic commanding capacity of police is upgraded. Thus an integrated multimedia platform of traffic command and control system is to be established.
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